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Bank Introducer Agreement

This agreement and any document to which it is specifically referred constitute the whole agreement between us and replace all previous discussions, correspondences, agreements or agreements between us. You understand that in exchange for your agreement on this section, we can offer you the service on defined terms and that your consent to this section is an indispensable consideration in this agreement. They also recognize and understand that, with respect to all claims, all U.S. persons, including U.S. banks, holding banks and non-bank subsidiaries, must comply with OFAC rules. This means that we can keep an account or that your money, if you are a specifically designated national, falls within the scope of a country sanctions program or other applicable sanctions programs (including non-U.S. sanctions programs). The service is a money transfer service that allows you to transfer money to recipients inside and outside the United States (“recipient”) through electronic transfers, wire transfers or other electronic methods, and may include the use of the currency cloud user`s user interface or the application program interface (“API”) by debit or credit account , buying or selling foreign currency. , including limited orders (an order for the purchase or sale of currency at a specified price) and all other global payment solutions that we provide from time to time. The service as described here can be modified by us at any time if it is communicated to you, as shown above. In addition, we will retain a margin of appreciation for refusing a user`s acceptance or completing any instructions to send money (a “transaction”) at any time. This introductory agreement is intended to be used if the supplier wishes to enter into a contract with a single customer, possibly in a new market or geographic region that may or may not be identified specifically.

If the affected customer is not designated, the forward-looking criteria plan provides that the supplier inserts all the requirements it may have for the new customer that the importer is expected to find. This introductory agreement is particularly appropriate when the supplier wishes to establish a current business relationship (OBR) with the new customer, which will generate a consistent future revenue. In this introductory agreement, an OBR is considered established after a number of transactions between companies, a number that must be defined by the user. This agreement was not established in accordance with FSA or Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 rules and therefore undertakes neither to comply with or comply with it. This agreement is therefore unsuitable for the introduction of clients for financial services such as insurance products or investment advice. An importer differs from a representative because an importer does not sell the other party`s products or services himself, but advances a potential customer, either by providing contact information to the supplier of the product or by arranging a meeting between the parties.

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