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Amazon Affiliate Program Agreement

Keep in mind that Amazon`s policies prohibit the use of the link in offline promotions, emails and ebooks or PDFs. As with most marketing and distribution content, high-quality content is at the heart of success. Be sure to attract your audience with high quality content and share relevant affiliate links with them on your website or YouTube channel. 1) The use of chat-bot does not violate the rules of Amazon`s affiliate program. 2) Could you elaborate on what you mean by adding several products? It is quite normal to add more than one product. 3) Plugin WooZone is in order of use. If you`re an Amazon partner or planning to log in, read about these major errors that you can ban from the program. Thanks for writing detailed Amazon affiliate rules! I will follow your affiliate rules in my next blogs. Can I use Amazon`s name in my Facebook page blog because I`m the Facebook page for Amazon affiliate marketing. For example: Best Amazon product on my mail, #Amazon_Home, etc. can I use in my article? However, if you re-develop a website from scratch, in order to make it profitable via Amazon affiliate links, the process of starting a website and filling in with product-related reviews and content can take time.

However, the development of a niche website with affiliate links has also optimized the possibility of short-term profitability. So if we rewrite this content in our own style and use the Amazon product image, can it be amplified? We also give you the product purchase link in the Youtube description list. Estimating your potential Amazon affiliate earnings can be difficult and includes more than your conversion rate and Amazon royalty rates. To learn more about estimating the profits of Amazon Associates links, click here and access a free calculation tool. “Forbidden Paid Search Placement” refers to an ad you purchased by command on keywords, keywords or other identifiers (including proprietary conditions) or another participation in keyword auctions. The term “owner” refers to keywords, keywords or other identifiers that contain the word “amazon,” “Kindle” or any other brand of Amazon or its related companies (see non-exhaustive list of our trademarks) or variations or misspellings of one of these words (para. For example, “ammazon,” “amaozn,” “kindel”). “Redirect the link” refers to a link that indirectly sends the user to Amazon`s site via an intermediary site or website, without the user having to click on a link or other positive action on that site or site.

“search engine” refers to Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or any other search or referral service or website participating in one of their respective networks. While paid placement can do a lot to increase your affiliate commission, can also lead directly to an affiliate ban. By paid search sites, I mean it`s forbidden to create Google or Bing ads and set your Amazon affiliate URL. So you`re saying you have to have 500 subscribers if you use the YouTube channel in the Amazon Associates program? I don`t realize it, so I ask. With the SiteStripe tool, you can create an affiliate link directly from an item`s Amazon product page. Once you`ve set up your Amazon Associates account, the tool will automatically be displayed at the top of each page, as long as you`re logged into your account.

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