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Collective Agreement Syntec

The SYNTEC collective agreement has been amended to deal with items deemed defective by the Supreme Court and now contains the following important additional safeguards for workers, which should mean that employers under the SYNTEC collective agreement will be able to continue to apply these provisions. Less than 30 days A partially unemployed worker may retire if he finds another job and even if he was concerned about the non-competitive clause. Such technical unemployment will thus reduce the incomes of sintek employees, with the exception of MROT employees who receive their total salary. Download SYNTEC IDCC 1486 Convention We offer a free version of the national syntec collective agreement that you can download in PDF format. You can also see convention updates on the Legifrance website. A business leader is required to respect the collective agreement of his sector and his sub-sector. This agreement applies to all staff members. The employer must inform its employees of the collective agreement in force. This is information that the employee can find on the salary. Here is a list of activities covered by the national collective agreement SYNTEC – IDCC 1486: NAF Codes for the collective agreement IDCC 1486 My trade is linked to the SYNTEC contract? There is a list of pre-defined diplomas for THE NATIONAL Collective Convention SYNTEC, but here are the most presented offers: consultants in commercial IT developers, istorists, great design trainer developers What is the graphics of synTEC payment negotiation? The minimum wage of a SYNTEC contract worker must be at least equal to these two amounts: the minimum wage set at the national level of the syntec collective agreement, 9 levels of professional qualification are set in the SYNTEC agreement and correspond respectively to the hierarchical coefficient and the minimum hourly wage which are adjusted each year. SYNTECSalar Mindestkollektivvertrag Umfassender Tarifvertrag 1.1 – Verh-ltnis 951.948.55 /Monat1,2 – Koeffizient 1002 051 -// Monat2.2 Chancen 1 1.052 153.55 /mois2,1 – Quoten 1152 358.65/Monat2,2 – Chancen 1302 666.

30` /Months2.3 – Chancen 1503.076.50 Euro/Monat3.1 – Chancen 1703 473.10 /mois3.2 – Chancen 1703 473.10 /mois3.2 – Chancen 1703 473.1 0 /mois3.2 – Chancen 1703 473.102104 2 90.30 Euro/Monat3.3 – Koeffizient 2705 516.10 Euro/monatliche syntek-Konvention und Vertragsbruch Zwei Felle von Vertragsauflsung, die eine Vereinbarung schlieen k-nnnen, sind Racktritte und Entlassungen. Syntec`s collective agreement in the event of a three-month dismissal must be applied in the event of resignation, but can be lowered on the basis of a general agreement between the employer and the employee. Syntec collective agreement in case of termination with regard to termination, here are the rules of termination according to seniority. The ETAM report from 200 to 355 years: seniority – 2 years: in case of non-dismissal; Work experience – 2 years: two months in advance.

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