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Agreement For Mineral Mixture

CIRB ASMM is currently preparing to demonstrate the technology to farmers and use it in the buffalo ration on its own farm. The institute does not manufacture ASMM on a large scale. Given the popularity of ASMM among farmers and the increase in demand, this agreement was signed in order to allow the launch of commercial production and allow a large number of farmers to benefit from its use. The agreement was signed by BRIC Director Dr. Inderjeet Singh and Director of Titanic Pharmaceuticals, Sh. Chandi Ram. Also present were Dr.B S Punia, Head, Division of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Dr. V.B Dixit, In-charge Institute Technology Management Unit, Sh. Chetan Issar, Administrative Officer and Sh. Mahesh Kumar, Chief Financial and Accounting Officer.

ICAR-Central Buffalo Research Institute has been associated with Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. an agreement concluded over a period of ten years on a non-exclusive basis. May 5, 2016 for the commercialization of Area Specific Mineral Mixture (ASMM), developed by the Institute`s scientists. As part of this agreement, ICAR-CIRB titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. will make available the know-how of the aforementioned ASMM technology. The use of ASMM is very important for the scientific feeding of buffaloes to meet their nutrient needs.

Supplementing rations with ASMM helps improve production. It also reduces buffalo reproduction problems. Nutritional value per kg vitamin A 7.00.000 IU vitamin D3 70.000 IU vitamin E 250 mg nicotinamide 1000 mg cobalt 150 mg copper 1200 mg iodine 325 mg iron 1500 mg magnesium 6000 mg manganese 1500 mg potassium 100 mg Sodium 5.9 mg sulfur 0.72% zinc 9600 mg DL-methionine 1000mg calcium 25.50% phosphorus 12.75% For regular supplementation cattle and buffaloes – 50gm per day in mixing food Calf 25-30 g per day for animal feed better weight gain and storage are recommended for veterinarians, hospitals and registered veterinarians. Iodine – 325 mg vitamin E – 250 mg DL-methionine – 1000mg cobalt – 150mg potassium – 100 mg sodium – 5.9 mg For regular supplement Large animals – 50 g per day Small animals – 5-10 g per day Agrimin strong powder 1kg Price, Agrimin strong 5kg Price, meaning strong in Hindi, high importance in Tamil…

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