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Standstill Agreement Meaning In Arabic

The debtor company is a party, together with operating subsidiaries holding or likely to hold valuable assets, conduct formal proceedings or contravene its financial obligations, and, as a general rule, the supreme parent company. Other parties will be creditors and other stakeholders critical to the success of the business, for example. B key customers, suppliers (if the company is a critical customer, useful concessions can be obtained) and pension trustees/regulators (if there is a significant pension deficit). Who has a place at the negotiating table (and who should be involved in the impasse) depend on where the value should break (see practice note: where the value breaks and where the strength of the negotiations is ongoing). Companies that have complex debt levels have different categories of creditors with conflicting grounds. Understanding your positions is key. For example, in the past, original lenders who acquire debt at face value have been able to support the business, while secondary brokers who acquire debts below face value are often looking for a loan A standstill agreement is an agreement between the company and its creditors that limits creditors` enforcement actions (see previous: status quo agreement). – 1) – a situation in which no progress can be made – 2) – an interruption of normal activities – [synonyms]: dead end, dead end, dead end, stand, link Take a look at the Arabic-English dictionary of These sentences come from external sources and may not be correct. is not responsible for their content. – اِنقِطَاع، بَوَار، تجميديّ، تَقَطّع، تَوَقّف، جُمُود، رُكُود، كَسَاد، كَفّ، وَرطَة. . . .

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