Malaysia's Industrialization from 1950

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The Four Agreements And The Four Agreements Companion Book

Читать весь отзыв With the Four Chords, I wanted to create a messenger that could penetrate the imagination of readers and change their point of view. If you`ve practiced these chords, you already know what they can do. They have the ability to enter directly into your belief system, into the thousands of agreements you have made with yourself and create doubt. And just like magic, because they are magical, the Four Chords slowly release faith locked in your belief system. Gradually, you regain your integrity, and the real one begins to awaken. Janet Mills is the founder and president of Amber-Allen Publishing. She is also co-author of six Toltec Wisdom Series books with Don Miguel Ruiz, creator of the online course The Four Agreements for a Better Life and editor of Deepak Chopras Bestseller The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. .

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