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Veeam Free License Agreement

To cancel the merge operation with license keys, customers can choose “Undo Merge” to destroy the merged license and revert to the original product license keys. 6.0 Maintenance and support (“maintenance”) of the Software is available in accordance with the License Policy and Support Policy, which are available under Maintenance, if included in the purchased software, begins from the date your order is processed and the license file is generated. You will receive (a) support for your software and (b) any updates, extensions or enhancements contained or defined in the maintenance policies. Software updates cannot be applied to software with outdated maintenance. 2.0 Permitted Use. You can use the software for the number of licenses or capabilities you have acquired. You have the right to create copies of the software and documentation for your own use, in accordance with the EULA and the Licensing Directive. All copies or partial copies of the software and documentation you create must contain all patent, copyright, and trademark notices. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Free Edition allows you to back up to 10 Azure VMs for free without function limitations, time limits and licenses. See for yourself why so many customers choose Veeam for Azure Backup. Test it for free forever up to a backup of up to 10 Azure VMs. Do you need more scale while you take it for a ride? Get below a 30-day free trial license for up to 1,000 Azure VMs.

How did you get the information you need to renew the license to add more servers/VMs? The people at Veeam have written to you that if you want to have another year of maintenance, you need to renew your license. Which is reasonable, because it would be too insolent, say, to have an expired license for 100 sockets to buy 1 new socket and request new updates/support from Veeam. Don`t you think? It seems like you go all the way with your moans. 5.0 Free Licenses and Community Licenses. Community license and free products may be used in your own production environment in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You may not use the free and community licenses to provide services to third parties or process third party data. These versions can be used without additional purchase and can be updated on paid versions of the products to unlock additional functions and functions. There is no obligation to support, maintain or support these licenses.

In no event shall Veeam be liable for any damages resulting from any claim or cause of direct, actual, indirect, loss of data, consequential damages, incidental or consequential consequential damages, even if Veeam has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Expiration of socket license media does not affect the functionality of the product, except for limiting the installation of product updates delivered after the media expiration date. Customers can use multiple license keys with different license terms, but only for separate backup infrastructures (defined so that server or storage servers are not shared and protect different source infrastructures). Veeam`s centralized management is not available/authorized for such use cases. In these cases, customers receive separate license files for each separate backup infrastructure. However, I agree with your first point to get the license key after support expires. Have you finally got your license? No, you misunderstood. I`m not talking about getting the free interview at all….

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