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What Are The Four Agreement

His most famous book, The Four Agreements, was published in 1997 and sold about 10 million copies in the United States[9] and has been translated into 46 languages. The book advocates personal freedom from the beliefs and agreements we have made with ourselves and others that create boundaries and unhappiness in our lives. [10] It aired on the OPRAH TV show. [11] The four agreements are as follows: While it`s good to be conscientious in how you use your words, it can be difficult to fully follow this agreement. However, it is a great goal to achieve and a good direction to achieve. In part 1 of this 2-part video, we learn more about the “domestication” of man and how all the rules and values of our family and society are imposed on us by a system of punishment and reward. As young children, our true nature is to love and be happy, to explore and enjoy life; we are absolutely authentic. But then we learn to be what others think we “should” be, and because it`s not acceptable for us to be who we are, we start pretending to be what we aren`t. When we are teenagers, we have learned to judge ourselves, to punish ourselves and to reward ourselves according to agreements we have never chosen. The Four Accords help us break self-limiting agreements and replace them with agreements that bring us freedom, happiness and love. If I have to name four betrayals of self that I usually make to myself, will they be? I think it is safe to say that we agree; Beliefs must be tested constantly, otherwise they cannot be trusted.

However, I will have to respectfully disagree with the idea that one should follow all paths that are without rules, and simply do what they “feel” are happy. Our feelings are limited by the sum of our thoughts, our thoughts by the sum of our knowledge. I haven`t read this book and I don`t want to. I saw these 4 chords on the wall in a yoga teacher`s house and I must have laughed. These tenants are what Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down In Mutality, would call hypermasculine ideas to improve us. They might actually improve our lives for a while, but like all self-improvement projects, they imply that we need to be fixed and eventually lead to more self-judgment. Although there is an important place for the action component in life (the masculine strength), it is necessary to balance it with the softer outfit and accept the motherly qualities of the deep feminine. Truly loving ourselves for and with all our human weaknesses is the key to not judging ourselves and others and a surprising firmness. This can pave the way for a deeper understanding, which involves knowing ourselves as an unlimited divine presence.

Here`s an improvised list of my 4 chords: (1) Give yourself a break – again and again, I read this and understand the points he was trying to make. .

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